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100 Ways To Ignite Your Marriage’s Romance

Ignite Your Marriage's RomanceDo you remember the last time you and your spouse did something truly enjoyable and memorable? If you cannot, then it is high time you started building new experiences together. These memories will last you long enough to resuscitate your marriage even in the face of all struggles and disenchantment.

The best way to save a marriage is by ensuring that you spend more time together. What better way to do this than by starting to build new experiences together? Not only are the following tips fun and easy to implement, they will also reconnect you to the one true love of your life.

In the same way, these tips and tricks are relatively commonplace. This means that people will not judge you when you do them. In most cases, you won’t even need company to do them. Some, for instance, can be achieved in the privacy of your own home and room.

Without further ado, therefore, here are 100 ideas to rekindle that spark:

1. Go for morning walks.

2. Join a foreign language class.

3. Sketch your dream home and talk about what you will do with each room.

4. Take a shower/bath together.

5. Pen down your love story. Print it out and get it bound.

6. List your partner’s best qualities.

7. Tour an art gallery or museum.

8. Kiss in the car, at a secluded area.

9. Make a movie scene by kissing on a beautiful bridge as sunset.

10. Make little changes in both of your appearances.

11. Wash each others hair.

12. Go on a raft.

13. Take a walk around the block.

14. Sauté your spouse with kisses as they are cooking.

15. Bring home foods your partner enjoys eating but won’t buy on their own.

16. Give each other back rubs.

17. Watch a classic love story cuddling under blankets.

18. Give them a full body massage.

19. Check out model homes and think about your dream house. Kiss in one of the closets.

20. Stroll around a lake.

21. Light up a fire and hold a long conversation in front of it.

22. Read to each other in bed.

23. Go for a horse-drawn carriage ride.

24. Have a candle-lit dinner.

25. Play soothing music in the bedroom.

26. Go skinny dipping in the dead of night.

27. Shave each other (legs for her, face for him).

28. Write poems for each other.

29. Run through sprinklers on a hot afternoon.

30. Look into each others eyes for 10 minutes.

31. Create new nicknames for each other.

32. After a heated debate, kiss each other.

33. Tell each other you are glad you are married them.

34. Fulfill one of their fantasies.

35. Hug them from behind and give them a peck on the back of the neck.

36. Drop everything and talk to each other for 30 minutes.

37. Create your own holiday.

38. Place your hand on their leg while driving.

39. Send them a compliment through one of their friends/colleagues.

40. Dine in an isolated booth.

41. Cheer them on when they’ve had a terrible day.

42. Tell them why you love them.

43. Show them affection when they’re talking with their friends.

44. Share a sleeping bag.

45. Do something they love doing – even if you are not a particular fan.

46. Go horseback riding on one horse.

47. Leave little romantic notes where they will find them.

48. Pull over at scenic sights and enjoy creation.

49. Write them affirming love letters.

50. Feed ducks together.

52. Team up and build a snowman outside your house.

53. Watch at least one sunrise/sunset together.

54. Go on a fishing expedition.

55. At a restaurant, sit on the same side.

56. Spontaneously get away from home and spend the time together.

57. Picnic by a pond.

58. Give them a foot massage.

59. Develop a code-word for sex for using when you are in a crowd.

60. Buy them a new outfit.

61. Sing them a song.

62. Play a game.

63. Buy a stuffed animal for the bedroom.

64. Write I love you in the dust at home and don’t complain about it.

65. Read a romance novel together.

66. Rent a boat.

67. Take a train ride.

68. Ride bikes one hot afternoon.

76. Read each other poems.

77. Build sand castles in your backyard.

78. Make them a greeting card.

79. Plant a tree together to celebrate your marriage.

78. Serve each other breakfast in bed.

79. Bring home flowers.

80. Surprise them by offering to help.

81. Walk through a construction site and sneak a kiss in every incomplete room.

82. Watch the stars together.

83. Bring them a late night snack/drink in bed.

84. Order different foods at a restaurant.

85. Whisper something romantic to them in a crowded room.

86. Have a picnic in the backyard.

87. Play an outdoor game under a full moon (with no lights).

88. Go roller skating and hold hands.

89. Tickle wrestle in bed.

90. Go on a walk and bring back flowers you picked.

91. Sit and simply talk about anything that comes to mind.

92. Tuck them in bed, read them a nighttime story, and kiss them goodnight.

93. Go for a barefoot walk.

94. Go to the middle of nowhere and spend the entire day there.

95. Take a stroll on a beach.

96. Take out your old photo albums and reminisce through them.

97. Drop everything and go away to some secluded corner of the world one weekend.

98. Kiss in the rain.

99. Join them unexpectedly in the shower.

100. Turn off all electronics, turn down the lights, lock the door, and simply kiss on the living room floor.

With the above tips and tricks, you should be able to rekindle the romance in your marriage. Remember, the strength of the marriage will largely depend on the conscious choices you make to effectively bring improvement.

Unfortunately, most couples have already lost the spark that brought them together in the first place – long before they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Instead, they have replaced this spark with a humdrum routing.

Romancing and dating your spouse will go a long way in changing these patterns. It can also be a lot of fun. Although it will require hard work and discipline on both your parts, you will find that it might just end up saving your marriage from the throes of divorce.

Energy and planning, as you will soon come to realize, will be imperative to making these good times happen. The benefit that you derive, however, will end up being worth every ounce of energy and second of planning you put into it.

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